What We’re Up To in 2023


Many people are declaring 2022 to be the year of resilience. And I think there’s some merit to that in my own experiences over the past year. Coming into the year, we knew leaders would have to contend with inflation, the historic speed of digital transformation, a polarized political environment, and a beleaguered, actively changing and less available workforce. And that’s just what we expected to see. 2022 also saw the complete rethinking and retooling of global supply chains and the rumblings of a Cold War 2.0.

No doubt this is a consequential time, and one that is hard to predict. It is a time of exponential change in many ways. In these times, I often have an internal competition between curiosity and anxiousness. If I can keep my mood of curiosity, I can better surf these waves of change with my own growing and learning. And, true to form, that is just what we are doing here at The Granger Network. We’re busy matching our offers and approaches to match these changing demands.

For The Granger Network, 2022 was a year of strengthening our own resolutions. What I am most proud of is how our team continues to make big innovations in the scale of impact we can make through our work. This year I can say with confidence we had a consequential impact on food security, national security, healthcare outcomes in diverse communities, the generation of our economic backbone in North America through higher education, and unleashing potential in the workforce of unsuspecting industries at scale.

Continuing to Develop

In terms of what is on our docket for 2023, we have created a few in-house programs to better understand how geopolitics are impacting our clients and retool toward that end. We have continued to develop our leadership consultancy framework aimed at organizations in transition and have elevated our ability to diagnose the heart of the matter through a mass narrative capture tool–pretty cool technology to get your arms around the organizational condition and impact where leadership, culture, and strategy meet.

We have also been hearing more demand for support in generating in-house development programs from supervisor 101 to preparing executive teams for what is coming. As such, we have been enjoying partnering with clients in building some pretty innovative programs that address very specific need areas.

Building Something Magnificent

Lastly, we’re excited to welcome Don Durand, Principal and Managing Partner, to The Granger Network. Don brings a surplus of experience in strategy, culture, and structure. He has worked in some of the world’s biggest and best companies, both as an executive internal-to the company and also as a consultant in-support-of. He specializes in strategy creation and execution, having your executive off-site go very well no matter who is leading it, very practical managerial practices and structures, and creating teams that operate as units of performance and can deliver on project objectives and overcome obstacles. A veteran of the Royal Canadian Army, Don holds an MBA from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Royal Military College.

“Kari and The Granger Network (TGN) are world-class. Getting to work closely with Kari as a partner and joining the organization has provided so much value-add for my clients. The capabilities that I can now bring to a client situation allow me to take on challenges that I could only have dreamed of. The impact with clients in 2022 was enormous and the results speak for themselves. Thank you TGN, really looking forward to more in the years to come.”
– Don Durand

Going into 2023 what’s clear is that we are collectively learning at an exponential pace. That’s not something to scoff at. We’re looking forward to tackling 2023 with you. What are you out to achieve?