The Changing Skill Set of Coaches


The Changing Skill Set of Coaches

Podcast Interview With Coaches Rising & Kari Granger

The world today is suddenly a very different landscape than three short years ago. It used to be enough for a coach to have coaching mastery but is that still the case?

In this conversation with executive coach and CEO Kari Granger we explore the new demands being made of coaches and the range of skills required to meet them, understanding stakeholders and systems, the shifting ground of the coaching industry and what lies beyond coaching mastery.

Show Notes

  • [01:15] It’s all co-creation
  • [07:45] Balancing vision and surrender
  • [13:30] Communication across linguistic worlds
  • [19:00] The new leadership qualities
  • [27:30] The evolving range of coaching skills
  • [34:10] Understanding stakeholders and systems
  • [39:30] Innovation in coaching services
  • [48:30] Exploring coaching mastery
  • [53:00] Thought leaders and books to explore

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