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Live introductory webinar led by Kari Granger 
and Noey Jacobson


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"Integrating stakeholder concerns is THE way to sustain a profitable and competitive business that will deliver economic value over the long-term."

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The Granger Network is an executive coaching firm supporting high-performing and industry-leading clients  across commercial, government, and non-profit sectors. 
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We support leaders in being the real-dealensuring all stakeholders thrive while profits rise. 
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Our humanity is not an obstacle to be side-stepped on the pathway to performanceand profitability—our humanity is the pathway itself. 
“Corporate boards and executive teams are evolving now more than ever before to be more diverse and inclusive, and now there is a rising expectation for them to add stakeholders to the mix. External pressures continue to build pressure on companies to include this group to the board rooms and executive suites.  Just as in adding women and minorities to boards, executive teams and corporate boards are beginning to understand the financial and strategic imperative of getting more stakeholders to the table. Activist investors are putting pressure on companies to make these additions, because they see it as one of the important factors in sustaining long-term value creation. Implementing and integrating stakeholders in these roles, takes a specialized group of people who understand how to do this, and Kari and her team really get it. They recognize the pivotal moment we’re in as a business community, and they understand the skills and sensibilities necessary to rise to the occasion and deliver.”
Michele Ashby
Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Colorado 2019
Corporate Board Director

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by Lockwood

From the C-suite of the Fortune 500, to the Business Roundtable to the World Economic Forumstakeholder capitalism is being championed as the way of the future. 

You may not have given stakeholder capitalism much thought. Or, you may have dismissed it as just the latest fashionable business buzzword, like “corporate social responsibility” or “triple bottom line.” But stakeholder capitalism isn’t a fad or a fleeting talking point. It’s quickly becoming a reality that is fundamentally reshaping the economy. 

In the next decade, organizations that heed its call to integrate the needs of all of its stakeholders—be they employees, investors, governments, activists, communities, or the environment, just to name a few—will have an advantage in carving out market share. The rest will fall by the wayside. 

Like all moments of great change, this is also a moment of great opportunity. With the right tools, leaders can ride the wave of stakeholder capitalism to more purpose and more profit. Doing so, though, requires knowledge, foresight, and most importantly, a whole new orientation to leadership.

Stakeholder LeadershipTM

Acquire frameworks and strategies for thinking about the stakeholders in your organization.

Emerge with actionable next steps to begin operating as a Stakeholder LeaderTM.

Learn about stakeholder capitalism, why it’s gaining traction, and how it’s shifting the business landscape.


Led by Kari Granger 
and Noey Jacobson

What is it?
Why does it matter?

What does it mean for 
me as a leader?
“Kari and her team have been right there with us through some of our most complex and difficult transitions. What started as an engagement to improve performance and accountability turned into something even bigger: a reformulation of our mission in the world, one that has led not only to more profit, but to more purpose as well.” 
Corina Tracy, President & CEO
Compassus Hospice , a national hospice provider 

-Kari Granger

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