Season Two Teaser


What if you didn’t have to “hold people’s feet to the fire” to have extraordinary things happen? Season Two of the Leadership Impact podcast will introduce a whole new model of accountability. Get a taste in this short teaser!

In this special Season Two “teaser” episode, Kari and Paul give listeners a preview of the upcoming season, which will address the important theme of accountability. It is one of the two most often cited challenges Kari hears from clients. Kari and Paul propose that accountability need not be something that is done TO you or which a manager does TO their subordinates. Instead, they offer an alternative model that is based on partnership and is grounded in shared commitments.

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About Leadership Impact:
Welcome to Leadership Impact, the podcast for modern executives who are reinventing leadership within their organizations. Hosted by executive leadership coach and CEO of The Granger Network, Kari Granger, and Sound Financial Group CEO, Paul Adams, this podcast addresses the topics of performance and leadership through real life examples.

Our work is mosaic art. We read, study, and practice many philosophies, methodologies, and modalities of human performance, to ensure that our approach best serves our clients. We would like to acknowledge all of the thought leaders and organizations, whose ground-breaking work has influenced the Granger Network approach – especially Fernando Flores, Jim Selman, Michael C. Jensen, Julio Olalla, Pluralistic Networks, The Newfield Network, and the Strozzi Institute.


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