Season 3 Episode 38 – The Value of Trust in Chaotic Times


“If I choose to live in trust, I have a vastly different experience of this uncertain time, and I show up as a completely different person.”

We are living in frightening, unprecedented times. Now more than ever, it’s easy to fall out of trust—with society, the government, the financial markets, and more broadly, with the prospect of a brighter future. In this episode, Kari and Paul remind us that trust is ultimately a choice, and underscore the importance of choosing trust amidst the tumult. Choosing trust opens us up to wondrous possibilities, no matter the circumstance. Instead of suspiciousness, we can choose generosity. Instead of isolation, we can choose connection. Instead of fear and anxiety, we can choose a commitment to what matters most, and devise inventive ways of fulfilling that commitment.

In This Episode:

1:16 – Living in trust vs. distrust has you see a different world.

4:50 – Kari shares an example of using the crisis as an opportunity to connect with family.

6:35 – The importance of preparing for disasters, but doing so within reason.

8:51 – Kari shares how her clients have moved from competitive to collaborative.

12:05 – The Parable of the Chinese Farmer, and the danger of using the labels “good” and “bad.”

14:26 – Physically distant, socially connected.

17:10 – Transforming fears/anxieties into commitments.

20:29 – The source of anxiety—not being able to see a predictable future.

23:05 – Final takeaways.


“You can prepare for the worst, and then cultivate what you are committed to so that what you see is the best.” 

“What creates anxiety for people is that we cannot see a future.” 

“We choose to live in trust, because it gives us the freedom to have the kind of life and experience that we want.” 

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