Season 3 Episode 37 – How to Practice Trust


“You can choose not to trust—but you cannot opt out of the consequences of not trusting.”

When it comes to building trust, we often turn it into a waiting game. “I will get around to trusting her…but she needs to prove herself first.” “Why should I re-engage with him if he’s the one who messed up to begin with?!” In this episode, Kari and Paul show how these justifications rarely yield desired results, and usually sabotage the outcomes we are out to achieve. Instead of sitting back and waiting for trust to just happen, we must learn to take a more proactive stance by extending a “Window of Trust.” This doesn’t mean we trust blindly. It does mean we muster the courage to make the first move, in a way that positions us to break through the gridlock and forge a new pathway.

In This Episode:

1:10 – The problem with “trust falls” and their ilk.

2:32 – How does trust come about?

3:10 – What happens when we sit back back to evaluate trust in others?

4:58 – Extending a Window of Trust.

7:17 – Kari shares a story about a client extending a Window of Trust.

9:51 – Paul shares a story about extending trust with a vendor.

14:48 – Grounding assessments as a way of assessing trustworthiness.

15:56 – Setting up the criteria for trustworthiness.

17:31 – Asking yourself: “What window of trust is available here?”

18:49 – Should we always extend a window of trust?

20:29 – Wrapping up


“What if to build trust, you must first extend trust?” 

“You don’t have to open an entire warehouse door of trust…but you could crack open a window of trust.” 

“If someone continually breaks your trust—or isn’t capable of what you are asking them to do—then not trusting is absolutely an appropriate stance to take. But we want to consider if we did our work by first extending a window of trust.” 

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