Season 2 Episode 25 – Words Disappear; How to Make Your Commitments Concrete


“The information must show up for you in a way that has you take the action when you need to take the action.” – Kari Granger

How often do you count on your memory to record the tasks and activities you intend to do? Our short term memory only retains about seven pieces of information at a time…and, even then, only for about 20 seconds. Relying on memory or notes that are written on napkins, the back of our hands, or random pieces of paper, sets us up to miss deadlines, omit key project criteria, or forget to take any action at all. Join Kari and Paul as they break down how to increase your completion and accuracy rates by putting your promises into existence.

In This Episode:

01:00 – Introducing today’s topic: Words Disappear; How to Make Your Commitments Concrete

03:07 – The nature of words and things

05:15 – Increasing completion and accuracy is all about existence

06:06 – Creating an “Existence System”

09:30 – Existence that prompts action

13:00 – Increasing quality of life and work

17:15 – An exponential system for exponential times

18:38 – How to create existence for ourselves and others


“One of the most common frustrations I hear from people about themselves and others is that they didn’t do what was promised by when it was promised, or didn’t do it accurately.” – Paul Adams 

“Words by themselves don’t have any existence, and we rely on our fallible memory to keep them around!” – Kari Granger 

“Existence is about having a proper place to put down your commitments.” – Kari Granger 

“The information must show up for you in a way that has you take the action when you need to take the action.” – Kari Granger 

“When you put in an existence structure with enough time to complete what you promise, it helps people stop living in the illusion of how much time they have.” – Kari Granger 

“When I’m not burdened by the cognitive load of trying to remember everything, I get to be brilliant in my interactions of the moment — whether I’m in a meeting or with my family.” – Paul Adams 

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