Season 2 Episode 24 – Get to Know Your Default Escape Strategies


“In an effort to survive the constant inbound and to deal with unreliable others, we fall into a default escape strategy — an automatic mood, assessment, and pattern of behavior — that likely won’t get us to the future we want to create.” – Kari Granger

What is your go-to under stress — anxiety and late nights? Righteousness and swooping in as the hero? Resignation and gossip? Fear and hiding out? With the constant barrage of things coming at us each day and minefields of unreliable people in our lives, human beings tend to react with habitual moods, thoughts, and patterns of behavior.  Join Kari Granger and Paul Adams as they unveil the several “default escape strategies” and what we can do about them.

In This Episode:

01:00 – Introducing today’s topic: Get to Know Your Default Escape Strategy

03:21 – The three components of a default escape strategy

06:25 – The default escape strategy of an enduring, uncomplaining person

09:49 – Another example of a default escape strategy

10:36 – Awareness, commitment, curiosity and collaboration are required to interrupt our default strategy and instead create a productive, adult strategy

14:00 – Identifying and deliberating the cost and payoffs of your default strategy

17:53 – Where our default strategies come from

19:28 – Owning our assessments, declaring our commitment, and setting ourselves on a productive path of moods, assessments and actions

20:35 – Paul shares an example of how awareness, commitment, curiosity and collaboration can impact relationships


“We all have a default strategy. Maybe, after tons of practice, we can train ourselves to have a different default, but we’re going to have a default.” – Paul Adams 

“The ‘default’ is the setting the system is on unless otherwise acted upon.” – Kari Granger 

“All our strategies worked to a certain point, but the question is: does it solve for the future state that we want to create now? Most of the time, that answer is no.” – Paul Adams 

“Just seeing what you do, may or may not be enough to break out of it. You must get related to the cost of your default strategy.” – Kari Granger 

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