Season 2 Episode 18 – Accountability…Without Being a Jerk


“Leadership, at its core, is about achieving futures that weren’t going to happen anyway. This requires new actions, bold actions, coordinated actions…and underneath all of this is a healthy relationship with accountability.”  – Kari Granger

Accountability — it’s what separates good employees, leaders and organizations from great ones…but just the word makes most of us cringe! This season, Kari Granger and Paul Adams unveil a new paradigm of accountability that supports us to exceed expectations, without treating others like means to an end. In this new paradigm, accountability is the secret to elevating personal power, performance, and professionalism — for ourselves and the people we lead. We kick off this season of accountability with Episode 18: Accountability…Without Being A Jerk.

In This Episode:

00:45 – Introducing today’s topic: Accountability…Without Being a Jerk

03:01 – A new  definition of leadership

06:35 – Paul reflects on issues he has encountered with accountability

08:37 – A new model for accountability that is rooted in leadership  

11:07 – Best practices for navigating accountability

12:37 – Kari recalls a time she worked with an organization that lacked accountability

14:14 – Creating a clear agreement

15:51 – The importance of proactive accountability

17:48 – Tips for effective and shared accountability

20:53 – Kari’s soccer analogy

22:17 – Producing accountability up the chain of an organization

25:48 – The importance of communicating consequences of actions and inactions

26:36 – Maintaining sight of accomplishing desired outcomes

27:40 – Paul challenges the audience to reflect on the accountabilities you want to produce


Links Mentioned:

Kari’s Website

Paul’s Website

Paul’s Other Podcast: “Your Business Your Wealth”

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