Our Expertise


High turnover. Low morale. Poor performance. Lost trust. Broken communication. 


These are the telltale symptoms of organizational breakdown. And in the heat of a major transition, those symptoms can spread quickly and threaten change-efforts from the outset.

Our expertise stems from a powerful question…instead of continually addressing symptoms, how do you get to the source of these breakdowns, once and for all?

Your Sustainable Competitive Advantage is at the Intersection of Strategy, Leadership, and Culture

While every business situation is unique, in our experience, the source of organizational dysfunction is often the same: a misalignment between its strategy, leadership, and culture.


But they cannot be addressed in isolation. They must be treated as interdependent phenomena. 

The Granger Network partners with your company to ensure coherence around your strategy, leadership, and culture so that they inform one another and generate a sustainable competitive advantage.

your Sustainable
Competitive Advantage

Once that advantage is achieved, how is it made into a durable condition, versus a fleeting state?


By generating “enabling structures”— like decision rights, meetings practices, organizational charts, information-sharing policies, and reporting procedures—that reify the transformation into a day-to-day reality.

Our Approach

The Granger Network approach consists of four critical phases that guide each of our engagements, regardless of type or scope.


Whether a large-scale and ongoing merger involving tens of thousands of employees, or a one-off bundle of coaching sessions for an up-and-coming middle-manager, every Granger Network engagement employs our four—phased approach to navigate the complexity of your current situation.

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