Meeting the Current Leadership Moment: In Executives’ Words


Presented by: The Granger Network
Based on Interviews Conducted by: Kari Granger, Ilene Fischer, Noey Jacobson, Diana Ajzen, Maria Hincapie

What We Wanted to Find Out

In the whirlwind of the past year, organizations have transitioned to varying degrees: several have experienced outright chaos, many have experienced genuine disruption, most have experienced some uncertainty, but nearly all organizations have experienced at least some measure of significant change.

As a firm committed to equipping leaders to powerfully navigate these transitionary moments with purpose, and precision, we wanted to get a sense of what is unique to this moment of transition and how we can better support our client leaders. We sat down (virtually) with over 40 C-level executives from a range of industries to listen and to learn. We wanted to hear directly from them about what they saw has made the difference in allowing them to meet the current leadership moment.

Five Themes Emerged:


1. Communicating for Culture

Ensuring rapid information flow and a continued culture of collaboration in the face of accelerated pace and disruption.

2. Distributed Authority

Breaking up the consolidation of decision-making authority at the highest levels of the organization and re-allocating that authority downstream, while maintaining structures for accountability along the way.

3. A Multi-Stakeholder Mentality

Incorporating the concerns of multiple stakeholders—to include employees, vendors, suppliers, investors, the environment, local communities, and others—increating long-term shared value forall, as opposed to short-term value for some.

4. Bringing Humanity into the Workplace

Honoring and attending to the internal worlds of colleagues — to include moods, feelings, fears, and aspirations.

5. Attuning and Responding to the Macro Environment

Keeping abreast of trends and developing the courage and foresight to take decisive and calculated probes in the direction of those trends.

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