Equipping Leaders for the Future

You Want Leaders? You Can’t Handle Leaders

How can your organization break loose from its current trajectory and reach beyond the predictable? The answer probably won’t surprise you: it’s leadership.

But what might surprise you is how rarely organizations succeed in cultivating true leaders, as opposed to highly proficient managers. 


Why? For one, modern leadership is demanding, complex, and requires an entirely new set of capacities that can be hard to develop. 


And even when those capacities are fully developed, leaders are too often handicapped by an unclear strategy or an unsupportive culture. 


The result is “more of the same” for organizations in desperate need of moving towards “something different”.   


The Granger Network works to develop your leaders and the organization they operate within so that they can do what they were meant to do: engage stakeholders into committed action towards a compelling and relevant future. 

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A New Leader for a New World

It’s a whole new world out there.

Uncertainty is no longer a passing state—it’s a condition that’s here to stay. And the leadership skills required to thrive in that condition goes beyond what leadership of decades’ past.

Distributing authority. Probing complexity. Cultivating trust and accountability. Developing a systemic awareness. Listening deeply to a broad set of stakeholders, and navigating the tensions between them. These are the hallmarks of the modern leader and the focus of The Granger Network’s leadership development programming.

Our approach also recognizes that leadership development is highly situational and never one-size-fits-all. The dynamics of leaders positioned in the middle of the organizational chart are almost unrecognizable from those in the executive suite or on the front line.

Our leadership development is tailored across the levels of the organization so that it’s maximally relevant and creates the conditions of effective performance throughout the enterprise.




“[The Granger Network has] been a huge part of helping us discover our values & purpose and define some big goals for ourselves. Their leadership training has been a fundamental part of helping our team become educated and empowered to lead effectively in our culture. Their work has helped us get real results that have us on pace to achieve our big goal by 2025.”

Steve Hedberg, President & CEO, BGC Engineering Inc

Leadership in Coherence with Strategy and Culture

Leaders may be brimming with vision, innovation, and enthusiasm for creating new futures. But leadership behavior alone is insufficient in overcoming a non-existent strategy or an overriding culture.  That’s why all of The Granger Network’s leadership development work is done with an eye towards the strategy and culture of the organization. 

The Granger Network Approach

Like all Granger Network engagements, our leadership development moves through our four-phase approach:

Situate – Assess your leadership gaps considering the world in which those leaders and the organization operate, including business realities, industry trends, internal/external dynamics, and more.

Align – Name the key individual and collective leadership capabilities required to thrive in the current era and identify key business outcomes to keep efforts tied into the bottom line.

Execute – Designate and execute the daily practices, conversations, and structures required to transform leadership from theoretical concepts into practical, lived reality.

End – Evaluate the ROI of our leadership development efforts and identify ways of sustaining leadership gains without the support of The Granger Network. 

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