High Growth Optimization

Sustaining Execution During Expansion

In business, growth is the goal. Exponential growth? That’s the dream. But the rapid scaling of resources that growth requires introduces a host of challenges and pressures that can easily turn the dream into a nightmare.


In the whirlwind of increasing headcounts, revamping systems, and consolidating operations, companies often find themselves in over their heads. The result? Burnout. Dropped balls. Deteriorating quality and customer service. And a failure to capitalize on the opportunity promised by growth in the first place.


How can you leverage the opportunity of a high-growth period so that your results improve, your valuation soars, and your people thrive?

Work with the Granger Network to design and execute a comprehensive High Growth Optimization Roadmap.


Attending to the Intangibles

In periods of high-growth, there’s so much to attend to. Getting new talent up-and-running quickly. Managing cash-flow and inventory. Matching sales forecasts to supply chain capabilities. Meeting new compliance requirements. Communicating effectively with stakeholders.

But in the rush to manage the details, many companies lose sight of the intangibles that either drive (or undermine) sustainable business results.

It’s not just about maintaining efficiency—it’s about managing uncertainty, thriving in complexity, preserving trust, and creating a sense of “why” that is both inspiring and directive.

The Granger Network works with your company during this pivotal growth phase to generate a productive context for that growth so that your people feel connected to one another, invested in the direction, accountable to the results, and equipped to execute at the highest level.



“The Granger Network exceeded our expectations and skillfully guided our team through an extremely insightful discussion to adapt our culture to best accommodate our ongoing national growth. Now we know what we need to do and have the right partners beside us to help get us there.”

Steve Larkin, CEO, Charter Healthcare Group


The Granger Network takes strategy, leadership, and culture as co-dependent phenomena to be impacted in lockstep as you navigate a period of high-growth:


STRATEGY – Ensuring that the myriad of day-to-day practicalities common in high growth situations do not impede a vision that leverages competitive advantage and leads to continued growth. 


LEADERSHIP – Equipping leaders to thrive in an increasingly complex and demanding high-growth environment, and to generate a compelling context for those they lead.


CULTURE – Preserving the “ways of being” that supported the company until this point and generating new “ways of being” needed to maintain accelerated growth going forward. 

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