Facilitating the Shift in Business Consciousness


Facilitating the Shift in Business Consciousness

Podcast Interview With Coaches Rising & Kari Granger


In these fast-paced times, coaches can play a crucial role in shaping leadership and organizational change.

In this conversation with executive coach Kari Granger we explore the ongoing shift in business consciousness, what leadership is, stakeholder leadership, partnering with the system, the coaching agenda and creating systemic change.

Show Notes: 

  • [02:00] A shift in business consciousness
  • [10:30] The internal paradigm shift
  • [17:30] Impact of workforce priorities
  • [22:00] What is leadership
  • [28:00] Subtracting for expansion
  • [33:40] Leadership creates the future
  • [39:40] Leader vs leadership
  • [45:25] Partnering with the system
  • [52:25] Creating systemic change
  • [56:30] Taking a stand
  • [1:00:45] The coaching agenda
  • [1:05:40] Innovation and empowerment

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: 

  • ESG
  • Reimagining capitalism, by Rebecca Henderson
  • Global mind change, Willis Harman