Episode 8 – Momentum: Are You Leveraging Your Stance?


“Her receptiveness to think strategically changes wildly when I don’t have her in front of a computer.” – Paul Adams

Welcome to Leadership Impact, the podcast for modern executives who are reinventing leadership within their organizations. Hosted by executive leadership coach and CEO of The Granger Network, Kari Granger, and Sound Financial Group CEO, Paul Adams, this podcast aims to address the topics of performance and leadership through real life examples. This is episode 8, the fourth episode of our four-part series on momentum.

In this episode, Kari and Paul talk all about physicality. A person’s posture, body language, and even stance can have an impact on relationships, performance, and results. Rather than taking the worn path of how your body language is coming off to others, Kari and Paul take a fresh take on physicality by looking at how to leverage your stance to empower yourself.

Kari and Paul both share examples that break down how altering one’s physicality led to elevated performance. First, Paul discusses how his chief of staff’s physicality prevented her from elevating herself to strategic thinking. Then, Kari takes the audience through the time she worked with a colonel turned general officer in the U.S. military to improve his body language. Through simple, yet defined, tweaks and changes, both the chief of staff and the military officer were able to shift their strategic thinking and improve their performance. Finally, Kari shares her own strategy of centering as Paul challenges the audience to practice centering by taking a moment out of each day to get in the right physical and mental state.

What We Covered:

00:29 – Introducing today’s topic: How to intervene in performance by leveraging your stance

01:37 – Paul’s experience working with his chief of staff at Sound Financial Group

03:46 – Kari discusses the importance of strategic thinking

06:44 – How Kari worked on physicality with a newly promoted military General Officer

08:21 – The incredible results Kari and Paul noticed immediately in both their examples

09:57 – How malleability and flexibility help Kari be receptive

13:56 – Kari describes the results of altering the physical stance of a participant in a leadership development program that she led

14:48 –Kari shares a practice of ‘centering’

18:13 – Altering a person’s existing stance to create a new and more open stance

20:39 – Paul challenges the audience to take a moment to center themselves physically and mentally


Links Mentioned:

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Paul’s Website

Link to Sound Financial Bites Episode with Sean Stephenson

Our work is mosaic art. We read, study, and practice many philosophies, methodologies, and modalities of human performance, to ensure that our approach best serves our clients. We would like to acknowledge all of the thought leaders and organizations, whose ground-breaking work has influenced the Granger Network approach – especially Fernando Flores, Jim Selman, Michael C. Jensen, Julio Olalla, Pluralistic Networks, The Newfield Network, and the Strozzi Institute.


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