Episode 5 – Momentum: What Is Your Emotional State?


“Moods affect the very way that we see, comprehend, interpret and interact with the situations around us.” – Kari Granger

Welcome to Leadership Impact, the podcast for modern executives who are reinventing leadership within their organizations. Hosted by executive leadership coach and CEO of The Granger Network, Kari Granger, and Sound Financial Group CEO, Paul Adams, this podcast aims to address the topics of performance and leadership through real life examples. This is the first episode of our four-part series on momentum.

In this episode, we focus on the topic of moods and how they act as powerful and shaping forces in our lives. Kari defines mood as a shared social phenomenon with the power to orient entire teams and organizations in both positive and negative ways. Moods can open up or close down opportunities in business and relationships, as is aptly represented in the story Paul shares in this episode. Paul provides an example of a time when a well-respected CEO allowed an overwhelmed mood to cost him future business opportunities. This CEO’s mood was such a debilitating influence that it affected not only his own health, but also the physical health of his employees. Kari deconstructs Paul’s story, making the connection between moods and assessments. She advocates utilizing awareness and assessments in order to manifest and cultivate productive moods. Finally, Paul challenges listeners to set three reminders daily in order to track their moods throughout the day. By mastering the subjective space of moods through this exercise, we can learn to work with moods more effectively.

What We Covered:

00:36 – Introducing today’s topic: The power and impact of moods

01:41 – Paul’s experience with a well-respected yet overwhelmed CEO

05:00 – Kari deconstructs what occurred in Paul’s example

05:47 – Kari and Paul discuss how moods can have positive and negative impacts on organizations

07:15 – How this mood of overwhelm has impacted the employees of this CEO

08:02 – The connection between moods and assessments

09:34 – Kari dissects two more aspects of Paul’s example

11:32 – Cultivating new moods

12:50 – Paul discusses the mood of contentment

14:00 – Kari suggests that the mood of arrogance played a role in Paul’s example

15:30 – Mastering the subjective space of moods

17:33 – Cultivating contentment

19:44 – How awareness of moods can lead to achieving the best possible outcomes

20:21 – Paul challenges the audience to set a repeating reminder three times a day saying, “What Mood Am I/Are They In?”


Links Mentioned:

Kari’s Website

Paul’s Website

Our work is mosaic art. We read, study, and practice many philosophies, methodologies, and modalities of human performance, to ensure that our approach best serves our clients. We would like to acknowledge all of the thought leaders and organizations, whose ground-breaking work has influenced the Granger Network approach – especially Fernando Flores, Jim Selman, Michael C. Jensen, Julio Olalla, Pluralistic Networks, The Newfield Network, and the Strozzi Institute.

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